Global payments just got easier.

Your customers depend on a payroll solution that will meet the demands of their global workforce – which can be tricky to navigate especially when payments need to be sent to multiple countries and currencies. This requires you to have the compliance knowledge, redundancy capabilities, and access to the right payment providers. Without it, your customers can’t scale. 

Routefusion offers a smarter way to power up your payroll platform – all under one roof. With our APIs, you can gain immediate access to our network of global payment providers with just a single integration. Expedite onboarding of new employees, vendor or contractors, schedule automated payments, and get them paid in their local currencies – all with complete transparency, so you control who, what and when they’re made.  

With everything you need at your fingertips, we don’t just make your payroll platform more powerful – we’ve created a more intelligent way for businesses to grow.

Our Tech + Experts

Deliver a customized product without doing the complicated tech work. With our APIs that integrate with any codebase and end-to-end support – including compliance guidance (from our in-house payment experts) you’ll have more flexibility at your fingertips.

Gig Economy

simplified compliance for expedited onboarding

Global PEO

complete transparency through our payment platform

Contractor Payments

pay your contractors with payment delivered in their currency

Our Payroll Capabilities

Reliable, cross-border payments for a more productive workforce

Just one payment error can become a major disrupter for your customers. Send on-time payments with our reliable network of payment providers and built-in redundancy, so you’re always covered. On-time payments lead to a happier – and more productive – workforce, allowing them to scale faster than ever. 

We make the world your economy.

Payment networks you can trust. Compliance support you can depend on. With a team of payment experts to guide you every step of the way. 

Contact a global payments expert today

Contact a global payments expert today