Global Expansion for Financial CompaniesEverywhere.

Your customers depend on a cross-border payments solution that meets the demands of their global workforce – capable of sending payments to multiple countries. Without the compliance knowledge, redundancy capabilities, and access to the right payment providers, your customers can’t scale – and your business can’t grow without the right technology in place.  

Whether you’re a neobank, eCommerce company or a payment service provider, our technology is optimized to facilitate your payments reaching your customer’s contractors, sellers and vendors in any country worldwide. 

Smarter technology and immediate access.

Routefusion offers a smarter way to power up your platform – all under one roof. With our APIs, you can gain immediate access to our network of global payment providers with just a single integration. Expedite onboarding of new employees, vendor or contractors, schedule automated payments, and get them paid in their local currencies – all with complete transparency, so you control who, what and when payments are made.  

Unified APIs.

Unlimited Possibilities.  Enable our payment platform seamlessly - from Payouts, Payins and simplified compliance


Meet payment demands in over 140 currencies.  Schedule and send cross-border payments to employees, contractors, vendors, and partners worldwide - on time, in their local currency.


Bank like a local.  Get local accounts in countries your customers are expanding business to with a unified ledger to better operate your business worldwide.

Expand globally–on your terms.

With our reliable APIs and fintech expertise, you can take your business anywhere it wants to go.

If you’re not a payments expert, you may not know the right questions to ask. Whether your expansion requires 15 different rails or one, we’ll set you up with licensed payment providers that meet your unique banking, corridors, and compliance needs.

Built-in redundancy allows you to pivot when a payment error arises to another provider, so you’re always covered. We handle everything from the paperwork to onboarding so you can continue to serve your customers with minimal disruption. 

With compliance expertise, successful global payments in any market worldwide, and a speedy onboarding process, accelerating your ability to scale has never been easier.

Global Agility + Fintech Expertise

Payment networks you can trust. Compliance support you can depend on. With a team of fintech experts to guide you every step of the way.

Routefusion makes pivoting tonew markets possible.

View our API today for cross border payments tomorrow