Providing the financial toolsets to expand your product internationally.

From international FX transactions to local payments, you’ll have access to everything you need to work internationally. Routefusion handles full onboarding, compliance, and all the things in between.

Global Bank Accounts

Opening international accounts can be challenging. We partner with banks around the world to help you create accounts, making payments and reconciliation a snap—all from a single global interface.*

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Local Payment Systems

Do international business like a local. Pay international vendors and customers with ACH, SPEI, SEPA, SWIFT wires, and more.

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Our global payment and FX institutional network give you and your customers access to rates that have traditionally only been reserved for the largest corporations.

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This is the future.

Before Routefusion companies typically started expanding their products into new global markets after they had proven themselves first in their domestic market. They did this for lots of reasons, first being that expanding products globally was really difficult and required big teams and lots of money to solve. In today's world, a new generation of companies in all sectors from eCommerce to financial services has adopted a global first mindset in order to dominate and win their markets.

How do you expand your product globally? You need to find a vendor that lets you open bank accounts globally for you and your customers, a service that gives you connections into the local payment system so you and your customers can credit and debit like locals, you need the ability for you and your customers to move money between currencies for FX and treasury transactions. Before Routefusion this would have taken a team years to form the partnerships, stand up compliance, learn the local rules and regulations, but now using Routefusion’s Global Platform you can do it in a few phone calls, a couple lines of code, and some trivial file uploads.

These are the companies on the forefront of international first.

Sending money internationally is a breeze with Routefusion. We were up and running within 4 weeks.

Sankaet Pathak

Founder. Synapse
Their knowledge, expertise, customer success and technology are unparalleled in the international payment infrastructure space.

Sherwin Gandhi

Founder, Jeeves

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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or just getting started, Routefusion will help you hit international ground running in no time.