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Routefusion helps companies expand their products globally through financial services. Whether you need to open international bank accounts, connect into local payment systems, or embed FX solutions, our API and product team can help you achieve all of your global expansion goals.

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Why Routefusion

Routefusion gets you access to our growing network of global banking, payments, and FX providers.
Routefusion’s easy onboarding allows you to immediately connect with multiple banking, FX, and local payout partners around the globe, ensuring that all of your requirements are met. No more sales processes, no more NDA’s signed, and no more miserable developer docs to sort through! We are a one-stop-shop for all of your international payment needs.


We’ve got you covered


Routefusion was built by and for software engineers. We pride ourselves on having the best documentation.


You don't have time to spend 6+ months finding a banking or payouts partner that will not scale with you.

Product Owners

We are a product lead company. With Routefusion you don't worry about how you are going to build, just worry about what you are going to build. We will take care of the rest.


A powerful feature set

Global Mass Payouts

Whether you are a payroll company, marketplace, platform, or bank, you can use Routefusion to send your payouts and distributions from any country to any country all over the world.

Local Payment Rails

Use Routefusion for your ACH, SPEI, SEPA, or any other local payout method around the globe.

Accept Pay-ins

Accept pay-ins in 45+ countries around the globe.


Do you need traceability, receipts, and accountability for your large customer or business payments? Use Routefusion for all of your international SWIFT payment needs.

Fanatical Customer Support

Customer support at Routefusion is like oxygen. We LOVE providing our customers with fanatical customer support. Whether its late night or early mornings or any time in between we are always one slack, email, or text message away.

Beneficiary Validation

Tired of hearing from customers that their beneficiary still hasn't received a payment. With Routefusion you get access to our beneficiary validator which will improve your delivery rates by 99.98%

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